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International Partners

In addition to our local community work, we also connect with partners around the world.

Arun Church started our international work in 1990 when we sent trucks of aid equipment to Romania.

Since then we’ve developed partnerships with both individuals and organisations in a variety of countries. And today we work closely with Links International for our overseas aid projects, ensuring they are strategic and sustainable.


Key Partners

While we have connections in all parts of the world, we focus on supporting partners in four different geographical locations of Colombia, India, Lebanon and Uganda.

The projects in these countries do a variety of work under the headings of Spiritual Renewal, Business Development, Community Healthcare, Education and Social Justice. Examples include micro-enterprise loans to start a business, installing wells to give access to fresh water or primary healthcare training to remote communities.

We also organise regular trips to these partners so that we can learn from and support each other.

Making a Difference

We give money through Links International each month which is used to support our partners around the world.

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