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Church online is a great way to worship and learn together when meeting in-person is more difficult. You can also connect with us on our social media to stay in touch!

Arun Church Sunday Service - 23rd January 2022
Arun Church Sunday Service - 16th January 2022
Arun Church Sunday Service: Vision Day - 9th January 2022
Arun Church Sunday Service - 2nd January 2022
Arun Church Christmas Day Service - 25th December 2021
The Christmas Repair Shop - 19th December 2021
Arun Church Sunday Service - 12th December 2021
Arun Church Sunday Service - 5th December 2021
Arun Church Sunday Service - 28th November 2021
Arun Church Sunday Service - 21st November 2021


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Christmas at Arun Church
Join us for Christmas at Arun Church
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Returning To The Littlehampton Academy
This Sunday, 5th September, we return to meeting at The Littlehampton Academy for the first time since March 2020. Here's what to expect as we gather.
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Big Church Day Out & Wildfires 2022
We’re so excited about heading back to Wildfires festival and The Big Church Day Out next summer!
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At Last... In-Person Church Is Back!
It's been so long, but finally we are meeting for Sunday church!
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Kings Village Album Released!
We're delighted that 'Praises' is released today - the new live album from our own Kings Village.
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Overseas Aid During Covid-19
At Arun Church, we regularly connect with various partners overseas and give money every month to support projects.
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Apps for Prayer
Our friends at 24-7 Prayer have build two apps that can be used to help you pray each day. Check them out!
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