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Wickbourne Transformation

Help us develop the Wickbourne Centre

The Wickbourne Centre in Littlehampton is home to a huge variety of groups, services and activities including Refresh Coffee Shop, Playcentre Wickbourne, Arun Youth Projects, Arun East Family Hub, midwife and baby clinics, toddler groups, family support and more!

We have plans to make the Centre more accessible to the community, and we need your feedback to help guide the next stage of planning. Please click the button below to take a quick survey.


Transformation plans

The Wickbourne Centre opened in 2004 and boasts over 36,000 visits each year! But there is limited space for groups inside, and from the outside it’s hard to know there are so many fantastic community services available. We aim to open up the front of the building to make it more accessible and welcoming to all.

We were granted planning permission in January 2023 to develop the centre with the following changes:

Open and Accessible

By moving the coffee shop to the front and facing outwards, we plan to make the centre more welcoming to the public, so people can feel confident about coming inside.

Outside Seating

We are fortunate to have a park across the road from the centre and intend to make use of the paved area outside the building for seasonal seating.

Reconfigured Internal Rooms

Most rooms in the existing centre are in constant use, and some are hard to access. We plan to change the layout so that more spaces are available and easily accessible to users.

Upstairs Spaces

The addition of new upstairs 'pods' will create extra spaces for community groups to use during the day, and expand the capacity of the centre.

We aim to make The Wickbourne Centre a place to come together with friends and family, a place for parents to gather after the school drop-off, for people to stay warm in winter, and to get the help they need from support services like CAP debt help. It will be a space for us to welcome everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Make a contribution

We want the Wickbourne Centre to be a home for everyone from our church and local community. That's why families from the Arun Church congregation have already pledged over £50,000 towards this transformation project.

If you would like to help, you can donate a one-off amount, or you may consider setting up a regular donation. Together we can create a safe and welcoming home for the people who need it the most.


If you or your organisation would be interested in partnering with us on the transformation project, please get in contact.