AYP Bursaries offer small sums of money to allow local young people aged 11-18 to pursue their interests.  

Applications are open to young people who live in Littlehampton (BN17 postcode), or applying for an activity taking place in Littlehampton.

Young people can complete a simple application outlining why they need the sum of money, what they would like to purchase and how much they need. 

Applications are approved by a panel of young advisors selected from our youth service. Not all bursary applications will be granted, but the panel will grant sums of money to applications that they feel would be most beneficial.  

We currently run two different bursaries: 

1. Sports Accessibility Bursary

The Sports Accessibility bursary enables partnership opportunities with local sports clubs to ensure they support young people. We also reach out to those who have the potential to excel at a sport, equipping them with the resources they need to compete at higher levels.

Examples of bursaries could include: 

  • Littlehampton Squash & Badminton Club Student Membership – £40
  • Helmet and pads for skating/scooters – £50
  • Boxing Club Annual Membership and Sessions – £249

2. Creative Arts & Social Club Bursary

This bursary enables young people to continue their interests by purchasing equipment needed to develop their skills, or paying for membership to groups and clubs.  

The bursary includes all types of creative arts and social clubs including Performing Arts (music, dance, and theatre), Visual Arts (drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, and sculpting), Architecture (designing and construction of buildings) and Social Clubs (such as Scouts or Girlguiding). 

Examples could include: 

  • Leather Flat Tap Dance Shoes – £40 
  • Scouts Annual Membership – £100 
  • 10 x Drama Classes - £220 

To apply to either bursary, please click the button below and complete the application form.

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Focused projects

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AYP Bursaries allow local young people to pursue their interests
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